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President’s Newsletter

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Well since the last President’s Newsletter there have been a few changes. We moved into our new location on January 1st this year and it’s been nonstop activity since then. Painting and wiring the new clubhouse, building a new HO home layout, adding on to the N home layout, repairing the portable layouts and having our first Open House. And we were still going to shows and Doug Smith headed up an entry into the Doors Open Whitby which saw him and a few others set up a layout representing the Whitby Harbour area from days gone by.

Busy? Just a bit!

Just as we were getting into a routine, the Pre-School closed and we took over the entire office. Back to the painting, wiring, and rearranging in both the office and the hallway. With the exception of some trim, we are done painting: Brian Shields has done a great job of cleaning and waxing the floors; and we are back to running trains.

As we look toward the new year we are going to be busy right off the bat. Heritage Day is Saturday September 19th, the first Saturday we get back. Load-in will be the preceding Friday night. The Belt Line and both portable layouts will be going. The N layout has been worked on all summer and should be finished soon, as we will need the space to check the HO layout before it goes. And planning for our November Show is in full swing. Ensure you have Friday, November 20, Saturday, November 21, and Sunday, November 22, put aside for your show as we will need everyone available to make it a success. A number of wives have already volunteered to assist in areas of the show other than the kitchen. There is always room for more significant others to lend a hand, whether for an hour or the whole weekend, as we can find something meaningful for them to do. Remember this show is how we pay a lot of the bills and it is a lot of fun for everyone.

Our first meeting for this year will be Monday, September 14th, at 7:30pm. Should you have anything you wish discussed at this meeting please let me know so I can put it on the agenda so it doesn’t get forgotten.

Brian Shields has volunteered to coordinate some education sessions, most of which will include hands on portions. They will occur on the third Monday of each month. If you have any talents please let Brian know and he can schedule you in. The sessions will be short and to the point allowing time for questions and comments, (and getting your hands dirty).

And don’t forget this year we will be holding elections for the executive and taking a look at our Constitution. There are a number of changes that will have to occur to ensure we are in compliance of the Not for Profit Act, but more on that in another time.

As usual attached to this newsletter, from Dave Dell, is the membership form for 2015-2016. You will notice the dues have gone up as per the club’s prior direction. Please fill it out and get it in as soon as you can. Full Membership is $150.00, the Associate Membership is $90.00 and the Student and Youth categories are $30.00.

Well that’s it for now. I hope your summer was fun and safe, (where did the summer go?).

See you in September,




New Clubhouse New Home HO Layout

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Been a busy few months since we arrived at our new clubhouse.

Spring Open House 2015

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We had a number of visitors come to see the great progress on the new HO Layout. This year we had layouts running on two floors. Many thanks to everyone who made this open house possible.

Fall Show 2014

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Spring Open House

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N Scale Modular Layout

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Here is a collection of images for our N Scale Modular Layout

HO Scale Portable Modular Layout

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Here is a collection of images for our HO Scale Portable Modular Layout.

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