Home Layouts

All of our N and HO scale layouts are under Digital Command Control (DCC), so if you are thinking about converting your layout to digital, we can give you some advice and help you with the conversion. DCC has made a monumental change in how model railroaders run train as it allows each engine on the layout to be controlled independently.

HO Scale Portable Modular Layout
This layout can be up to 9′ by 22′.

HO Scale Home Layout
This layout is currently being redesigned.

N Scale Modular Layout
Our layout can be up to 10′ by 18′.

Member’s Layouts
Some of our members have home layouts and some do not. The home layouts vary in size from large to small.

Check our Forums for our Member’s Layouts!

Durham Belt Line Modular Group
Within the club there is a group called the Durham Belt Line Modular Group, where individual members have built portable modules that are designed to fit together. In some cases these modules are incorporated into home layouts, and in others they are used instead of a home layout. There are over 40 modules which, when brought together can fill a gym.

Within the club we have members with a broad range of abilities in many different aspects of the hobby. Members are always willing to pass on their expertise and help each other. Work sessions, at both the club house and member’s homes, offer excellent opportunities to learn about the basics of model railroading as well as advanced techniques.